I don't like writing stuff in the third person. It's weird.

I don't say "I" or "me" in client meetings or when presenting work.

That makes you an ass clown.


I do, however, say "I" when a mistake has been made. Never "he", "she" or "they"

while pointing fingers. Not taking responsibility for your mistakes also makes you an ass clown.

I'll always admit when I'm wrong or don't know something. And then work like hell to fix it and learn.

I believe in mentorship over management. Helping the people I work with achieve their full potential is my ultimate goal as a leader. Great work comes from those who feel appreciated and aren't afraid to share their ideas.


I'm lucky to be married to my favorite human who is also an Art Director. Together we have collected lots of mid-century modern furniture and a bunch of art we have moved to three different cities before recently hanging it on our walls.

We have a French Bulldog slash mini hippo named Leo. 

I'm a fifteen year vegetarian because I care deeply about animals and our planet. Although admittedly I miss my mom's homemade chicken soup. And if I'm being honest, steak. And wings.


I also studied dance for twenty years. If an MJ song comes on, I'll make a fool of myself dancing to it. I don't do the crotch grab move though. I learned it weirds people out. 

I have studied martial arts for over fifteen years.

I meditate every day. 

I volunteer my time to teaching Martial Arts with an eagerness to share it specifically with women. Knowing how to defend myself has opened up an entire world of being able to enjoy my love of the outdoors and travel alone and I want other women to be able to experience that. 


I live to play outside. I'd hike, mountain bike, camp and snowboard for a living if I could. I have a 1984 VW Vanagon Westy. It's the only cool thing about me really besides my dogs.

I'm ok with that.



I am a VP, Creative Director at Deutsch on Taco Bell.

Deutsch Nourish Mentorship Program Mentor.

Prior to Deutsch, I was a Group Creative Director at David & Goliath on Kia where I worked on multiple new vehicle launches including a massive integrated campaign for the all-new Kia K5.



I was as a Creative Director at WorkInProgress in Boulder, CO. WIP is an amazing group of people who created all the Domino's work we've all drooled over. at some point There, I worked on truTV, Nescafé, Gardein, Udi’s, 37.5 as well as new business pitches for Jimmy Johns and Village Inn which we won (yay!)


Before WIP, I worked at CP+B for four years where I was Global Creative Director on American Airlines as well as a Creative Director on Hershey's, overseeing Twizzlers, Ice Breakers, barkTHINS and Breath Savers. While at CP+B I also worked on various accounts including Domino’s, Kraft, Best Buy, Microsoft, Fruit of the Loom and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.



I was an Digital Associate Creative Director at GTB Detroit where I worked on Ford for five years creating the award-winning Mustang Customizer Integrated Campaign and the Fiesta Project as well as the launch of the Ford Fusion and Flex. I was also a nominated member of their high-potential program. A born and bred kid from the Motor City, I worked on a lot of automotive before working on Ford including Lexus, Toyota, Cadillac and Chrysler at o2, a small seven person agency where I spent my first six years in advertising. 

Emmy Award. Cannes Lion Bronze and Cannes Shortlisted. Webby and People’s Voice Webby Awards. Gold Effie. New York Festival Finalist Awards. One Show Merits. Gold Obie. Facebook Studio Awards. Shorty Awards. FWA sites of the Day. Other shiny things.

While I am honored to have won these – results for clients that are created when working with amazing humans and encouraging brands to do more than just advertising is more important to me than trophies that collect dust on shelves.